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I clearly need the bullet journal to help me keep track… I’ve just shared an image on Pinterest. FINALLY…a planner format that really seems perfect for me! Because you have the table of contents and every page is numbered, you just start those collections on the next page. Well, the future log is the easy answer. I kept mine super-simple at the beginning. I ended up creating my neatly categorized Master Grocery List as a permanent fixture in my bullet journal. STAMPS: I’m not really big on stamping, but I do like a bit of stamping action in my BuJo. When you’re done, differences between academic writing and creative writing remember to add it to your index! There have been several times where I was hesitant to try something new only to find that I loved the change and kept it around for months. That is what is so great about bullet journals. But I think what’s blocking me is having this huge forever written list of all the stuff I have to do. Loved this post! I used bullet journaling for most of last year. I believe we addressed your email about the password but if not, please do let us know so we can get it taken care of for you. That’s a really great question, Jo! If it’s something I want to come back to, I’ll put a page flag to remind me that this was something worth revisiting. I’ve been an avid journal-er for the past eight years but I love the ability to keep things chronologically in the bullet journal.

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Finally, I just want to mention that I create a habit tracker for each month and it really works for me (helps me track regular daily things like water consumption so I don’t have to list those little reminders over and over again in each daily log). I know there is a lot of controversy due to the fact The Original Bullet Journal is quite different from some of the more artistic pages. I’ll be visiting your page more often. Keep doing dailies and other normal plans in the front, working your way back. Also, my notebook feels quickly, but as things are resolved, I can shred pages no longer needed or transfer project pages to a file folder. In the end, you should do what makes you feel good about bullet journaling AND what makes you feel good about your wallet. I have learned a few things along the way that I wish I knew when I started the bullet journal all those years ago. You are your own worst critic. But saying affirmations is a way to fight back and to treat yourself more kindly. As solopreneurs, we are not strangers to overwhelm and procrastination. If you don’t mind, no one else should, either. Thank you for your posts on BuJos. I also enjoy doodling and writing something to inspire me for the week. I love the idea of the Index in which I can find all my pages easily. I really am grateful for the talk of additional journals, and since I recently bought some of dot and some other planners, that the pages move, I’m thrilled. My key is very simple. Again here you really need to find whats best for you. It’s rattled around in my brain since then, and then seeing this I’ve decided I want to try it. So far I am really digging this, because I get to do one day at I time. Me too! I found myself in a recipe rut a while back, where my husband and I were cooking the same handful of recipes over and over, leading to food fatigue.

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I know it’s all preference but this is my first one and I want to know what you think! Basically, this is just a page where you can write down any future appointments or dates for a month you haven’t set up yet. Page Flutter has a great post with examples of different ways to set up your monthly to your taste. If you love the simplicity of a notebook, but love the feel of a Filofax, why not buy a folio-type cover? Notify me of new posts by email. You could even use a different “volume” for every month. Thank you so much for stopping by, Jen! You can keep your Bullet Journal index super simple if you want. I really dislike the available inserts for Filofax, yet I also get frustrated printing, cutting and punching my own. But when it comes to watercolors in your Leuchtturm, you should be good to go! You can sit down and number the pages all at once or simply number as you go – whichever you’d prefer. WASHI TAPE: Washi is probably the cheapest and easiest way to make your BuJo your own.

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I enjoy reading your experiences! But I might try it out on a some plan paper I make into a booklet. With that said, it can still feel ridiculously daunting to make that first move in a new notebook. This hardcover journal comes in blank, lined, squared, or dot grid paper.


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