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Online Conferences and Teacher Professional Development: SLanguages and WiAOC 2009. GMT, with Buthaina Alothman and Randa Effat: Enhancing Online Educational Communities with Computer-Mediated Communications Tools, an IELP2 mini workshop at the Central Department for In service Training lab in Cairo. Feb 20, 2009 I gave a talk entitled "After a decade of inroads, SUCCESS in modeling blended learning in theory AND practice at F2F and online conferences" at AACE's Spaces of Interaction: An online conversation on improving traditional conferences http://aace.org/globalu/ - George Siemens's 4 min. The after party will follow the gala, at the same club. The presentation itself will create a set of tagged objects that participants can retrieve later through techniques learned at the workshop. Join the webhead cat-herder, Vance Stevens as he provides his own description of the many uses of Google Notebook. IAA Romania, 10 a.m.: Neal Davies, President & CEO Effie Worldwide and also Effie 2015 Jury President, will hold a conference entitled: „The Confidence To Embrace Change: Key Insights and Learning From The Effies”. Campaign: Real Stories. Real People. Do you bring a laptop and projector and commandeer the interview room? The “How to win an Effie” seminar is organized by IAA and UAPR and will address topics like: how to correctly complete a case, changes in the 2011 competition structure, the new Shopper Marketing and Media Efficiency categories and the online editing form and will study past editions winning campaigns. Call for entries at the eighth edition of the Effie Awards Romania has come to an end. Buthaina took pictures and archived the event at her website: http://alothman-b.tripod.com/wia-buth-gld.htm. The program URL is at http://www.bilkent.edu.tr/~matefl/. Do you ask the employer for those? These communities come together online every Sunday for a regular session held at about the time of this demonstration. Having debunked the myth that if conferences were open to online access on-site attendance would drop off, a case is made for the opposite scenario: that broadening channels for conversation at conference venues is a win-win situation in which everyone benefits, and conferences where these channels are blocked are the dinosaurs doomed to extinction. Critical concepts in linguistics. During his career in marketing and advertising, Alan has been part of the management of some of the most famous communication companies worldwide: Ogilvy & Mather, Unilever or Digitas.

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Ankara: Ani Yayincilik Egitim Arashrmalan. October-November, 2010, I taught a short course entitled Enhancing Student Performance and Professional Development Online as part of the Petroleum Institute community outreach and staff development program. Agencies can submit their works until May 23rd 2011. My responsibility was supposed to be in helping to coordinate management of the EVO Moodle: http://evo.tesol.org/moodle/ however there were no requests for use of this facility. At that same online conference, Stephen Downes (2007) spoke to us about the distinction between groups, building creative writing communities, and networks. A special entry kit has been dedicated to this section: The Sustained Success Brief. For internal use only: http://ejer.pbwiki.com/. More complex than Romeo and Juliet, more tragic than Titanic’s Jack and Rose. Ada Salavastru – Executive Director Reveal Marketing Research, Adina Vlad – Managing Partner Unlock Research, Adrian Nicolaescu – Marketing Director Mega Image, Adrian Țuluca – Managing Director Propaganda, Alexandru Bădilă – Managing Director Publicis România, Alexandra Iavorschi – Managing Director Starcom MediaVest Group, Alexandra Olteanu – Managing Director Initiative Media, Alina Buzatu – Head of Strategy Geometry Global, Ana-Maria Pâslaru – Marketing Director UNILEVER South Central Europe, Anca Năstase – Senior Marketing Activation Manager Still Drinks Romania & Moldova The Coca-Cola Company, Anca Nuță – Identity & Communication Director- UniCredit Țiriac Bank, Anca Oreviceanu – Communication Director Grup Renault România, Anca Stroe – Marketing Director SEE Danone, Andrea Veress – Group Brand Manager Global & Premium Brands Heineken România, Andrei Cohn – Managing Partner Cohn&Jansen JWT, Bogdan Naumovici – Managing Partner 23 Communication Ideas, Bogdan Nițu – Managing Director Webstyler, Călin Clej – Marketing Director Beverages Greater Balkans & South Europe Franchise Pepsi, Ciprian Postelnicu – Head of Media Telekom România Mobile Communications, Cosmin Rădoi – Managing Director BBDO Group, Dan Balotescu – Managing Partner Media Investment, Dan Petre – Conf. The Guide describes the pitch stages, identifies the necessary elements for a professional selection process and contains useful recommendations for clients and agencies. A special brief has been dedicated to the special Sustained Success category for which results must date back since January 2005 up to 2007. Multiliterate individuals are aware of the pitfalls inherent in technology while striving for empowerment through effective strategies for first discerning and then taking advantage of fast-changing technologies by adapting those most appropriate to their situations. Global Learn Day is an annual event that circumvents the world in a 24 hour broadcast, and involves presenters on various aspects of education and IT and participants meeting in voice chat online from all over the globe. Pemberton, R., E. Li, W. Or, and H. I was invited to teach a short course on writing on the Internet 11th-13th July during the XXVI Summer Courses of the University of the Basque Country in San Sebastian, Spain. On CALL News, 21:1 (October 2003). Technology-enhanced learning environments. In pulling this off I also engaged Christopher Hill and Graham Stanley to assist me live in New York, with Gavin Dudeney graciously meeting us at Edunation. I blogged the event here: http://advanceducation.blogspot.com/2008/04/carla-arena-interviews-advanceducation.html. Today he is President of honour for IAA Romania, permanent guest of ARMA and Media School author. As a psych major, this comment made my morning. I had been asked to help "set the stage for this discussion and brainstorm challenges and obstacles to using the Web and Web 2.0 tools (the Internet) for teaching and learning" as one of a panel of "key leaders from around the globe." This session lasted for 50 minutes and ws part of an all day workshop.

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In a talk entitled Voices heard having F.U.N. He believes that they are the ideal platform for agencies to prove year after year that it is still strong creative strategy that has the biggest impact on consumers. Stevens, Vance. 1993/2. Concordances as enhancements to language competence. TESOL Journal 8, 4:753–767. In fractions like “2 nanometers per meter” (2 nm/m = 2 nano = 2 × 10−9 = 2 ppb = 2 × 0.000000001) so the quotients are pure-number coefficients with positive values less than 1. This presentation will be a demonstration of the tools used to sustain such online communities of learners and teacher-collaborators. I gave a presentations at 10:00 GMT to the following specs: "Participants are all interested in ICT in ELT, on a teacher, traner and a ministry level and come from a wide variety of countries around the world. Most learning resource centers will have a virtual component, whether it is simply an online card catalog or something more ambitious. Review of See it hear it say it. What other explanation is there for them giving out bad advice about things they have little to no experience with? The most effective clients in the Romanian Effie Effectiveness Index ranking are Telekom, winner of a Grand Effie, a Gold Effie and a Silver Effie in the Telecommunications category, do my accounting homework a Silver in Engaged Communities and a Bronze in the Brand Experience category. When I demoed it in an interview, I emailed it in beforehand, creative writing the kite runner so the interviewer would have it on the computer already hooked up to the screen. Ooh, the “experience” section of the resume slide could have one of the little “under construction” digging guys! Tuesday February 14th I present from a distance at the invitation of Gavin Dudeney a talk entitled "Webheads: Communiities of practice in action" at a conference entitled ICT in ELT: putting the 'Learning' back into 'E-Learning' held face to face at the Manchester Conference Centre, 12-17 February 2006: http://www.britishcouncil.org/seminars-english-0563.htm. The training will have six modules containing over 400 slides and over 100 real life examples and 40 commercials, a syndicate work, with an extensive Q & A session. Abstract: "The presenters play with boundaries through the simple expedient of having student bloggers in different countries tag their blog posts with the unique tag term writingmatrix. MSDOS Users Group Newsletter 2, 2:1-4, (February). The EFFIE Awarding Gala can be seen on TV, at the beginning of next week.

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The winning ingredients were a mix of maturity and creative solution proposals, a healthy dose of courage and focus on the consumer. Writing & Pedagogy, creative writing teaching guide Vol. 2.1, pp.117-131. Your skills better be exceptional and job relevant if you are going to do that. With the help of Project Positive Change, I was able to get 20 attendees (a full house) for my very first retreat! The Effie 2011 Awarding Gala will be held on Monday, June 13th, starting at 19:00, at the Romanian Athenaeum. Another benefit for the participants is that any “pro bono” campaign, that did not have a media budget, can enter the Non-profit/ Pro-Bono, Public Service category without paying a participation fee. A recent applicant brought a PowerPoint deck to an interview that basically walked through a presentation of her resume, information about herself, and why we should hire her.


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