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The following planner indicates all the courses needed and the usual path to complete your DEC in this program. We will also look at how writing changes when conventional broadcast media is transported to the internet. Topics will vary from semester to semester. Free electiveStudents in the Multidisciplinary option may choose their electives from any option. This profile is for students who wish to study in Theatre while also taking other production courses and focussing on developing and cultivating theatre skills through practical application in the form of a public production in weeks 9 and 10 of each semester. Increasingly, the degree may be useful for students considering careers outside of academia, where high-level research skills are valued but a doctoral qualification is not required. Further exploration in the art of fiction writing. Considers literature’s relation to social and cultural phenomena of this era, such as urbanization, industrialization, immigration, racial tensions, help writing an essay for scholarship labor strife, changing gender roles, and the spread of mass media and consumer culture. Universe of the Arts is a three‐semester introduction to the major artistic and literary currents in the world from prehistoric cave painting to the present. We’ll cover writing effective dialogue and the accompanying technical considerations of scene breakdown, camera action and use of microphone as well as synchronous and non-synchronous sound and dialogue editing. Course cost is about $115.00 for materials. Students will also take a bilingual course in linguistics / history of languages, and a course in French on art and culture that builds upon the knowledge attained in the Universe of the Arts courses. An intensive study of masterpieces of world literature from Homer’s Odyssey to Goethe’s Faust, which present the archetypal patterns of human experience that recur in the great literature of the past and present. Specific topics include teaching invention and revision, diagnosing errors, teaching style and organization, making assignments, and evaluating student writing. Offered spring semesters, even years. Film in relation to American culture and society. Intensive study of a major issue or problem in rhetoric or technical communications. Now's the time to bring your dream career to life with CSU. Includes an intensive written project that may involve research as well as production of essays. Offered spring semester, even years. Instruction will include approaches to the writing, planning and execution of more sophisticated forms of filmmaking that combine visually expressive material, dialogue, music and sound effects. Elements of poetic prosody and/or the major fictive techniques: nature of stress, creative writing summer course new york concepts of meter, nature of rhythm, pro sodic uses of syntax, theories of fictive realism, nature of fictive romance, point of view, etc.

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Selected works of American literature taught in relation to a single cultural problem or theme. British literature and culture in the age of Romanticism and the revolutionary era (ca. Assignments emphasize the analysis and synthesis of sources in making and developing claims. Theatre Workshop: Workshop 2: (pre-req 560-THA and 560-THB) | 560-TPB-AB The Workshop 2 course (and the co-requisite Production 2 course) will bring students further down the path to greater and much more advanced understanding and skills as a theatre practitioner. Students will practice active reading and apply analysis to the course readings in the form of essays, journals, oral presentations, and some creative work. Writing workshop in such modes as personal essay, autobiography, and documentary. Emphasis on methods of research, organization, and writing techniques useful in preparing reviews, critical bibliographies, research and technical reports, proposals and papers. Video Production 1 | 585-VR1-AB In this course students will be introduced to the art of video production with an emphasis on documentary practice. Study of a coherent period of American culture (such as the Revolution, the Progressive Era, format of a research proposal writing the Great Depression), with attention to the relations between literature, the other arts, and the intellectual milieu. Acquaints the student with contemporary studies of the nature of language in general and of the English language in particular. Video Production 2 | 585-VP2-ABThis course will build on skills acquired in the Intro to Video production course by introducing students to pre- and post-production procedures used in news/documentary style production. It also provides practice for developing advanced critical reading skills when responding to primary and secondary sources. Film Studies: Canadian Cinema | 530-FS3-AB This course surveys the history, theory and practice of Québécois and Canadian cinema. Offered occasionally spring odd years. Students in this course will be expected to generate their own story ideas suitable to the target audience. Reviews rhetorical and compositional principles that influence writing instruction, textbook selection, and curriculum development. Students are expected to take part in an exhibition of the finished projects at the end of the semester. An in-depth study of selected narratives from the fiction of the non-western world.

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We will see how the conceptual frameworks of analysis and criticism and the objects of such treatment have changed and are changing. It is designed to teach the skills necessary to work with a variety of software and technical tools in the production of digital media projects. Note: Students in the Multidisciplinary option may choose their electives from any option. A survey of representative authors and works of American ethnic and minority literature with primary focus on Black, Hispanic, and Native Americans. The course focuses on knowing what we teach-and why-when we say that we teach writing. Variable topics relating to the production of non-fiction prose. A Master of Research is typically undertaken as a pathway qualification to a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), or as training to provide professional research skills. Today writing means selecting among and scripting multiple media, including photographs, charts, video, images, audio, diagrams, hyperlinks, and more. Literature electiveStudents must complete at least 6 electives specific to their A.L.C. This course is intended to provide a practical and clearly defined “storytelling” approach to the writing and reporting of broadcast news for radio, TV and online. Offered spring semesters and online in summer. Grade of C or better required to take ENG-W131. FRENCH | 602-2xx-AB Every student needs one of each of the Block “A” and Block “B” courses in order to complete their DEC. This course will help you become a writer of competent, even creative scripts for broadcast or whatever aural or visual medium you decide to make your life’s work. British literature from the twentieth century through the present, including a variety of literary genres. Please consult the Schedule of Classes available on-line.

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Course may be taken twice for M.A. Each course offering will explore a specific issue through lecture, discussion, harvard university creative writing mfa workshop, and online instruction. Students will produce material containing interviews, news, homework help websites high school entertainment and sporting events. It is designed to teach the technical skills necessary for working on the Macintosh platform. Kinds of journals, varieties of formats (including print and e-zine), introduction to editing and production processes. Do we have spirits, souls, or even minds, or are we just material? Focused work in the art and profession of poetry writing. This course engages students in intensive study of writing and literacy, focusing on issues such as the literacy of one or more literary communities, modes of information literacy, or issues in the scholarship or rhetoric and composition. Only Semesters 3 and 4 are included. The topic of the project will be of the student’s choosing and it will be developed and produced with faculty guidance. Study of and practice in critical methodologies. Provides a semester of writing instruction needed before taking Elementary Composition I. Through screenings, discussions, workshops and writing exercises, students will acquire creative and analytical skills that they will apply to the development of original works throughout the term. Considers major issues of argument, creative writing and ict such as the ethics of persuading audiences and the use of style.


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