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Added check to prevent Unity from running when installing or uninstalling. Fixed references outside of Assets, such as Library (like the Facebook SDK). Now we have to send the data we collected to CloudWatch. That way your scene view would have “SpawnsVampires[Dark,Mr]”. I recently had to make a variable public to have data saved in the prefab (the data was filled in with an editor tool). Correct the location of pdb2mdb with Unity 5. Over time, you might find that you have thousands or tens of thousands of metrics in your AWS accounts, across various regions. SetReplacementShader will look through all the objects in the scene and, instead of using their normal shader, use the first subshader which has a matching value for the specified key. Maintain your own time class to make pausing easier. Implement shortcuts for taking screen shots. Fix issue where variables would not appear in the local variables window when hitting a breakpoint or stepping. The server then sends state information to all clients. Fixed definition of UNITY_EDITOR symbol for non editor projects. This means that the shader used for replacement can contain shadow and lighting passes (you can use surface shaders for shader replacement). The following example shows a basic verticle implementation. Make a two-poly plane to use for GUI components and manually created particles. This is a great list, thanks! I’m a bit new to Unity and wonder whether all of the mentioned above points are valid to Unity 4.3.4 as well? Added an option to allow generated project properties to be modified. Fixed player project generation when working on a UWP game with the IL2CPP/.NET 4.6 backend. After testing my game in different resolutions and aspect ratios, I’m getting a serious urge to make all menus using Text Meshs instead of using UnityGUI/Skin placement hell. Manipulation of scripts from the Unity Project Explorer. Add a reference to System.Xml.Linq to the projects for Unity > 4.1. Kinda sad it’s good being that big… Hope Unity can “fix” most of it soon enough, coursework writing services uk though I couldn’t bother taking note of how many here are things Unity could “fix”. The processing time of the request is calculated, the number of requests is incremented, and the number of current requests is decremented. For more information, see the Getting Started guide for AWS Tools for PowerShell. Extend your own base mono behaviour, and derive all your components from it. Added support for Unity messages in non Behaviour types such as Editor or EditorWindow.

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For example, good edge detection would need a texture with scene normals, so it could detect edges where surface orientations differ. Added support for setting the next statement with the new Unity runtime. Fixed blank dropdown list for the insertion point in the MonoBehavior wizard. This is probably the best Unity “tips” article I’ve ever read. Linking to prefabs whenever possible reduces scene setup, and reduce the need to change scenes. You've told us there are code samples on this page which don't work. Do the three methods listed here belong under one common class (BaseEditor)? Define a delegate Task, and use it to define methods that don’t rely on string names. It also makes it easier to work with 3D as if it is 2D for game logic, AI, and even physics when appropriate. Fixed handling of project names containing hashmark (#) characters. Define constants for debug shortcut keys, and keep them in one place. Fix a possible Visual Studio crash when a breakpoint is hit. I am currently working on my own solution, process of doing a literature review that wraps around Unity’s but the more I work with it the more I want to switch to 2D textures in the scene that I can control with transforms. A timer sends this data as a JSON message every five seconds over the event bus to the CloudWatch SPI. Regarding #42 (writing own FPS Counter) – you may take my supercheap Advanced FPS Counter plugin from Asset Store to save your time! Fixed project generation to include DEBUG and TRACE compilation symbols as Unity does. Fixed debugger tooltips for UnityScript in Visual Studio 2012. It’s really nice to find some good solid guidelines/best practices. Would you be kind enough to elaborate? You need to use this API extensively, if you want to export data points from CloudWatch metrics to an alternative data source, as described earlier. The generic versions don’t work with interfaces, but typeof does. Fixed the inspection of properties throwing exceptions. Fixed quick behavior shortcut in VS 2012. In this case you should use [HideInInspector] over [System.NonSerialized]. Fixed bug UVS-21: Invalid pointer when evaluating a method invocation to Unity Math API. After changes, this second copy, the clean copy, should be updated and tested. Fortunately, these definitions can be empty; all the actual work is done by the base class. Maintain a scene with all gameplay elements.

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Do not register the log callback if we don't have to. This version also requires that the UnityVS project files are regenerated. I’m relatively new to C#, so you kind of blew my mind there. Fixed build process for Web targets. Fix the Unity / Visual Studio communication after a domain reload (play/stop in Unity). You can, of course, use the AWS Management Console to view metric namespaces, and explore the metrics and metric dimensions contained within each namespace. I don’t recommend going without version control of course). Better just write a custom renderer specifically designed for pretty inspector displays. Removed reference to a system wide msbuild targets file. It synchronizes state and parameters from an AnimatorController. Fixed the translation of .pdb symbols on Unity 4. In our case, we want to use the CloudWatch namespace `Vertx/CloudWatch`. The EffectShader will have key-value tags for each RenderType that you want. Ways to locate objects: by type vs. Fixed changing values of Booleans in the local view. The output is either drawn to the screen or captured as a texture. Unfortunately, you will still need to define a class for each MonoBehaviour.

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As reference for one way this could be done, and while not sure if this would be a best practice, I’ve changed the singleton implementation for myself so we don’t need to manually attach it to an object (same way as DebugConsole works). Branching prefabs requires a specific process to make it safe (see under the section Prefabs). Fixed field evaluation with types marked with BeforeFieldInit.


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